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1)When and where will this year's EGM take place?

This year's EGM will take place on the 18th May 2020 at 1000 hrs. This is in accordance with the new powers under section 280(3) of the Companies Act 2014, directing any Company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (''Public Company'') to conduct electronic and/or virtual technology general meetings-without the physical presence of shareholders or their representatives, on account of the ongoing novel Corona virus 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

2) How can the shareholders view the EGM?

Shareholders of ABC Limited can watch the EGM live and in full length via the Online Service. If you are not already registered to receive invitations to general meetings by email/phone number, access data from the Online Service can be found in the invitation to the EGM Company's website. The meeting will be broadcasted publicly at www.abc.com/agm-2020

3) I am a shareholder, but, i do not have a password for Online Service. What can i do?

Shareholders who have already registered for email/phone no. distribution of the invitation to the General Meeting of shareholders will receive their shareholder number together with invitation email/phone no. for the General Meeting of shareholders and will need to use the login password they have for registration process.

4) When will the invitations be sent out?

The mailing of the invitations to the shareholders will start on the 16th May 2020.

5) How can shareholders cast their votes?

The casting of votes can be done in text form or electronically via the Online Service.

6) Until when can shareholders exercise their voting rights?

Shareholders have to turn in their registration for the EGM by the end of 18th May 2020 at latest. Registered shareholders can turn in or change their portal votes/instructions to proxies until immediately before start of voting on the day of the EGM.

7) How is attendance of the EGM monitored?

The attendance of shareholders or their representatives is monitored by clicking the attendance button on login screen to Online Service. This should be done on the date of EGM (18-05-2020), as from midnight(12am) to 10.00am.

8) How can i ask a question at this year's EGM?

If you have registered yourself for the EGM, you may submit questions until the expiry of 18-05-2020, using the Online Service available here. There is no entitlement to receive an answer. The Board of Management will decide in exercising its own free discretion in accordance with its duties which questions to answer. It may be the case that the name of the shareholder submitting the question will be specified in the course of answering the questions.

9) Will the EGM be available online after the actual meeting. If yes, where?

Yes, a recording of the meeting until the commencement of answers to questions raised will be available at www.abc.com/agm-2020