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One-stop Employee Statutory Management for International (and Local) Staff

  1. Do you work for an international organization?
  2. Have you taken up an assignment in Kenya and employed some domestic servants (cooks, gardeners, nannies, maids, etc.) people to look after your family and/or home?
  3. Are you aware of your and their legal obligations under the Laws of Kenya?
  4. Are you compliant in all aspects? See summary of requirements below:
Legislation Overview Compliance mandatory? Do penalties apply?
If so, what are they?
Frequency of returns Benefits to employee
The Employment Act Cap 226 Sets out rights and
obligations of employer
and employee
YES. Employee
could sue employer
Dependant on court
N/a Defines and
regulates rights,
The Income Tax Act
of Cap 470, Sec.
5,37 …
Burden of tax collection
placed on employer
YES. Employer
obligated to deduct
and remit tax
Penalties and interest
on late submission
and payment
Monthly Contribution to
running of the state
and provision of
The National Social
Security (NSSF) Act
Cap 258 Sec. 5 to
To provide for
contributions and
payment of benefits via
the fund
YES – for all
employers with one
or more employees
5% per month on
amount unremitted to
the NSSF.
Monthly Pension when they
The National
Hospital Insurance
Fund (NHIF) Act Cap
255, Sec 15 to 22
To provide for
contributions and
payment of benefits via
the fund
YES YES Monthly Subsidized health

If your answer to the above question is YES, then this is how Comp-rite Kenya Limited can help you.

This is what we will do for you:
• Answer your questions about payroll and any statutory requirements being an employer in Kenya
• Register you as an employer as soon as you employ a person in your service
• Register your employee with the Kenya Revenue Authority, NSSF, NHIF
• Automate the calculation and paying of staff plus their statutory deductions
• Complete your iTax filing(New online tax submission portal) – no more sleepless nights
• Manage loan, advances or leave information for your staff;
• Give you reports (monthly, annually, etc.)

If you would like to hear more about our services, then contact us for hassle free payroll services.