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Pay100 Plus

Pay100 PlusPay100 Plus is a Kenyan payroll processing system for small, medium and large companies. It offers numerous benefits at an affordable cost.

Some of the benefits include:-

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Speed
  • Automated backup
  • User-definable payments, deductions and benefits

What is NEW in PAY100 Plus?

Pay100 Plus has a whole host of new features, including automated backup facility, Two different pay slip formats and many more user-definable payments, deductions and benefits.

Pay100 Plus is FAST:

Your Windows based computer maintains and computes all the data, the time you waste on writing down and calculating your payroll is saved. Even on an old 486, it takes less than a minute to process payroll for a company.

Pay100 Plus is ACCURATE

Pay100 Plus ensures that your payroll is processed with absolute precision. Simple transcription (incorrectly copying) or inversion (accidentally changing the order eg. 254,000 instead of 245,000) errors can cost you a lot of money and wasted time. Pay100 prevents replication of such errors in future months, because once data has been input (for example base salary), that value is used each month until you change it. The result? 100% accuracy EVERY TIME. Strong reporting functions mean you'll save time on examining your payroll costs.


Our Competitive Pricing means that Pay100 is an ideal solution for all businesses whether you're a small, medium or large company; At Kshs 27,724 inclusive of VAT, and 1 Year of Support it is one of the most affordable payroll packages available in Kenya and offers all of the advantages of outsourcing without the cost!

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